Player of the Year
Awards the most consistent player from the end of one AGM to the next

Handicapped Rounds (CPGC fixtures only – excludes inter-club tournaments)
2 points – Player beats the CCR for the day
1 point – Player has a score which is in their ‘buffer zone’
Club Match Play
1 point for a win in the 1st round of Club Knockout Match Play
2 points for a win in all other games of Match Play (Summer/Winter Cup matches and subsequent rounds of the Club Knockout Match Play)
2 points for a win
1 point for a squared match
Pairs events (where there is no individual handicapping)
2 points each for the winners
1 point each for the runners-up
A.F.L. Day
1 point for the winner (or winners in case of a tie)
3 Stick Day
1 point for breaking handicap

Note: Sunday Pennants
Where a member plays the club event on the Saturday and Pennants on the Sunday of the same weekend,
the member’s best result of the 2 days counts (i.e. a player cannot score points on both days)

New members: New members or members whose handicaps have 'lapsed' start with -10 points.
This is to prevent the award going to a newer member who has scored points whilst their handicap is 'adjusting'.
If they don't score 10 points in the year (i.e. Enough points to bring their score to 'zero'), the negative points carry over to next year's award.
For example a new member who scores 2 points for the year will carry over a score of -8 to next year's award.

 Player of the Year Winners
 Year  Name  Points
 2019  Eric Lavelle  23
 2018  Kevin Fairhead  ?
 2017  Tony Manners  22
 2016  Tony Summerfeld  ?
 2015  Tony Summerfeld  ?
 2014  Sam Flottmann  25
 2013  Trevor Bennett  26
 2012  Wayne Peppernell  35
 2011  Sam Flottmann  33
 2010  Rod Hamilton  30