5 th January  2019  Stroke Monthly Medal Round 1 Summer Cup

1st  B Mc Murray 80/65 A Grade Gold Kiwi Mug

2nd S Adamson 92/66 BG Gold

3rd  C Bremner 196/68 c/b Silver Medal

 NTP Island 2  S Flottmann AG  A Walker BG Island 4 K Surjan AG D Firstenberg BG Island 8 C Thompson AG S Adamson BG Lake 3 C Thompson AG A Walker BG  Lake 5 D Lee AG N/A BG Lake 8  A Godfrey AG  P Higham BG  Long Drives Lake 7 S N /A AG B Mc Murray AR T Carney BG C Boyle CG Long Putt  Island 3 B McMurrayWooden Spoon  I Mc Kellar 99/83 Best Gross A/G C Thompson 80 A/R B Mc Murray 80 B/G D Wade 90 C/G S Adamson 92

29 th December 2018  Stableford

1st  J Simonetti  39pts

2nd P Monteath 38pts

3rd  B Mc Murray 37pts

 NTP Pine 3  K Surjan AG  P Higham BG Pine 7 S Tomson AG M Winsor BG Pine 8 K Surjan AG W Varis BG Lake 3 N/A AG D Wade BG  Lake 5 K Surjan AG B Williams BG Lake 8  J Simonetti AG  W Varis BG  Long Drives Lake 6 S Tomson AG K Surjan AR D Wade BG S Gilgallon CG Long Putt  Pine 6 C J Simonetti  Wooden Spoon  S Adamson 23pts

22 nd December 2018  Stableford

1st  T Carney 41 pts

2nd A Manners 41pts c/b

3rd  P Higham 36 pts

 NTP Pine 3  A Godfrey AG  P Higham BG Pine 7 L Higham AG K Ashworth BG Pine 8 T Scott AG T Carney BG Island 2 C Thompson AG S Gilgallon BG Island 4 T Scott AG A Walker BG Island 8  S Flottmann AG  P Higham BG  Long Drives Island 6 C Thompson AG I Mc Kellar AR B Williams BG D Firstenberg CG Long Putt  Pine 2 C Thompson   Wooden Spoon  K Ashworth 25pts

15 th December 2018  Stableford Three Stick Red Tees

1st  S Adamson 43Pts

2nd I Mc Kellar 41 Pts

3rd  P Higham 40 Pts

 NTP Island 2  S Flottmann AG  A Manners BG Island 4 M Percic AG P Higham BG Island 8 E Lavelle AG A Manners BG Lake 3 J Simonetti AG K Ashworth BG Lake 5  E Lavelle  AG A Manners BG Lake 8  I Mc Kellar AG K S Adamson BG  Long Drives Island 8 S Flottmann AG N/A AR T Bennett BG T Nind CG Long Putt  Lake 6  E Lavelle  Other Notible Scores A Manners 40 Pts J Simonetti 39Pts C Thompson 38 Pts T Nind 38 Pts  Wooden Spoon  M Bunstead 29 Pts 

8th December 2018  Stableford

1st  A Manners 38pts

2nd C Boyle 38pts c/b

3rd  C Thompson 38 c/b

 NTP Pine 3 C Thompson AG  P Carway BG Pine7 N/A AG T Bennett BG Pine 8 M Percic AG C Boyle BG Lake 3 S Flottmann AG N/A BG Lake 5 A Manners AG C Boyle BG Lake 8  A Manners AG K Atkins BG  Long Drives Lake 7 S Flottmann AG K Williams AR T Carney BG D Firstenberg CG Long Putt  Pine 9 P Carway Birdies  A Manners  Wooden Spoon  M Winsor 26pts K Atkins has decided to hang up the putter we thank him for his contribution to the CPGC wish him well all the best

 1st December 2018 Final  Round Club Pairs Stroke Monthly Medal

1st  T V Luinen 83/67  AG Gold

2nd W Peppernell 83/67 c/b  Silver

3rd  P Higham 88/70

 NTP Pine 3 S Flottmann AG  T Chester BG Pine7 K Fairhead AG M Winsor BG Pine 8 C Thompson AG K Ashworth BG Island 2 I McKellar AG T Bennett BG Island 4 K Williams AG T Chester BG Island 8  S Flottmann AG T Chester BG  Long Drives Island 1 K Fairhead AG M Percic AR P Higham BG D Firstenberg CG Long Putt  Pine 5 S Adamson  Birdies W Peppernell x2 P Higham x1 K Williams x1 Best Gross AG C Thompson 79/71 AR W Peppernell 83/67 BG P Higham 88/70 CG S Adamson 97/71 BG Gold Wooden Spoon M Percic 101/86  Club Pairs Winners P Carway & T Carney R/up A Manners & K Fairhead 3rd P Wigger & S Adamson

24 th November Second Round Club Pairs Ambrose 1/4 Handicaps

1st  A Manners & K Fairhead 63Nett

2nd T Bennett & B McMurray 64.25 Nett

3rd  W Peppernell & K Surjan 64.75 Nett

 NTP Island 2 K Surjan AG  A Manners BG Island 4 K Williams AG T Nind BG Island 8 W Peppernell AG T Bennett BG Lake 3 A Godfrey AG S Chester BG Lake5 T Scott AG N/A BG Lake 8 J Simonetti AG P Wigger BG  Long Drives Island 5 N/A AG M Percic AR P Higham BG D Firstenberg CG Long Putt Lake 2 T Nind  Wooden Spoon D Avery & K Ashworth 75.25 Nett


17 th November First Round Club Pairs Combined Stableford

1st  T Carney P Carway 72 Pts

2nd P Higham A Godfrey 72 Pts on CB

3rd  E Lavelle S Gilgallon 71 Pts

 NTP Pine 3 K Fairhead AG S Adamson BG Pine 7 K Williams AG D Firstenberg BG Pine 8 A Godfrey AG P Higham BG Lake 3 S Flottmann AG K Ashworth BG Lake5 E Lavelle AG T Chester BG Lake 8 J Simonetti AG K Ashworth BG Birdies D Firstenberg S Chester Long Drives Lake 4 D Lee AG K Williams AR P Higham BG D Avery CG Long Putt Pine 4 T Carney  Wooden Spoon K Williams B Williams 58Pts

10 th November Stroke Monthly Medal 

1st  T Carney 84/65

2nd M Bunstead 84/70

3rd  J Simonetti 86/71

 NTP Pine 3 S Flottman AG T Carney BG Pine 7 E Davis AG P Wigger BG Pine 8 J Simonetti AG M Winsor BG Island 2 K Fairhead AG S Gilgallon BG Island 4 J Simonetti AG T Chester BG Island 8 K Fairhead AG T Carney BG Birdies T Scott E Davis A Manners K Fairhead Long Drives Island 3 N/A AG I Mc Kellar AR P Higham BG S Gilgallon CG Long Putt Pine 6 R Shah Others Under Handicap E Davis 86/72 Wooden Spoon I Mc Kellar 100/85


27 th October  Stableford Pat Pereira Country Trophy @ Secret Harbour GC

1st  M Waite 39 Pts

2nd K Faihead 36 Pts

3rd  M Bunstead 35 Pts

 NTP  Hole 5 K Williams AG B Williams BG Hole 7 I Mc Kellar AG M Winsor BG Hole 12 D Lee AG M Bunstead BG Hole 17 K Fairhead AG A Manners BG Long Drive Hole 11 K Fairhead AG M Bunstead AR T Carney BG D Firstenberg CG  Wooden Spoon Pat Wigger 26 Pts

20 th October Stroke Final  Round Totara Sheild 

1st  C Boyle 92/69

2nd P Higham 90/71

3rd  A Manners 89/72

 NTP  Pine 3 K Williams AG P Higham BG Pine 7 K Surjan AG B King BG Pine 8 S Flottmann AG T V Luinen BG Island 2 M Bunstead AG B Williams BG Island 4 K Fairhead AG T V Luinen BG Island 8 K Fairhead AG T Carney BG Birdies A Manners Long Drives Island 9 E Lavelle AG I McKellar AR M Winsor BG S Adamson CG Long Putt Pine 1 M Bunstead Wooden Spoon M Winsor 100/83 Totara Sheild Final Results 1st K Fairhead  215  2nd A Manners 216 Equal 3rd C Boyle & B Williams 217


13 th October Stroke 2nd Round Totara Sheild 

1st  B Williams 89/69

2nd M Winsor 88/70

3rd  I McKellar 86/71

 NTP  Island 2 J Simonetti AG P Higham BG Island 4 D Lee AG B Williams BG Island 8 D Lee AG C Boyle BG Lake 3 N/A AG T Bennett BG Lake 5 D Lee AG P Higham BG Lake 8 N/A AG T Bennett BG Birdies T Bennett P Monteath P Higham A Walker Long Drives Island 6 A Godfrey AG I McKellar AR M Winsor BG K Atkins CG Long Putt Lake 1 T Carney Wooden Spoon P Higham 98/79


6 th October Stroke Monthly Medal 1ST Round Totara Sheild 

1st  K Fairhead 74/67

2nd A Manners 86/70

3rd  S Adamson 96/71

 NTP  Pine 3  K Williams AG P Higham BG Pine 7 J Simonetti AG T Carney BG Pine 8 P Monteath AG T Bennett BG Lake 3 K Williams K Ashworth BG Lake 5  K Fairhead  AG  K Ashworth BG Lake 8 K Fairhead AG S Adamson BG  Birdies M Winsor Long Drives AG A Godfrey AR J Simonetti BG M Winsor CG T Nind Long Putt T Bennett Best Gross AG K Fairhead 74 AR A Manners 86 BG T Carney 89  CG S Adamson 96 Wooden Spoon P Monteath 89/82


30 th  September  2 Ball Ambrose @ Meadow Springs GC

1st  S Flottmann /  T Carney  69/62

2nd K Fairhead / S Gilgallon 77/67.25

3rd  K Williams / D Firstenberg 83/72.75

 NTP 4 K Fairhead  AG  B Williams BG  7 K Fairhead AG C Boyle BG 8 J Simonetti AG  R Shah BG 11 K Fairhead AG N/A BG 15 S Flottmann AG T Carney BG 16 K Williams AG P Carway BG Wooden Spooners B Williams / M Winsor 89/79.5


23 rd  September  Stableford

1st  M Winsor 36Pts

2nd D Lee 35Pts

3rd  K Fairhead 34Pts

 NTP Island 2 N/A AG  A Manners B/G Island 4 N/A AG R Dolton B/G  Island 8 R Mc Grath A/G N/A BG Lake 3 D Lee A/G N/A BG Lake 5 D Lee A/G S Adamson B/G Lake 8R McGrath A/G E Santimano B/G  Long Putt R Dolton Long Drive Lake 4 A/G N/A A R D Lee B/G K Ashworth C/G R Dolton Wooden Spoon  D Wade 21 Pts  


15 th September  Stableford Captains XI  vs Presidents XI @ Maylands GC

1st  K Williams 36 Pts

2nd K Fairhead 35Pts

3rd  R Dolton 35Pts  R Gale 35 Pts

 NTP Hole 5  J Simonetti AG N/A BG Hole8 B King AG P Higham BG Hole 9 B King AG W Dolton BG Hole 13 S Flottmann AG P Carway BG Hole 16 E Lavelle AG  B Williams BG  Long Putt A Manners   Scores Captains XI 422  Presidents XI 411   Av 30.142  v  29.357  To The Captains Side Well Done Team


8th September  Stableford

1st  A Manners 38Pts

2nd S Gilgallon 37Pts on C/B

3rd  K Fairhead 37Pts

 NTP Pine 3 K Williams AG C Boyle BG Pine 7 K Williams AG N/A BG Pine 8 K Fairhead AG A Manners BG Island 2 S Flottmann AG W Dolton BG Island 4 K Williams AG  C Boyle BG Island 8  K Fairhead AG N/A BG  Long Drives Island 3  S Flottmann AG N/A AR A Manners BG CG W Dolton Long Putt Pine 4 D Firstenberg  Wooden Spoon  P Carway 25 Pts


1 st September  2018 Monthly Medal Stroke

1st  C Boyle 93/69  B Grade Gold Kiwi Mug

2nd E Santimano 97/70  Silver Medal

3rd  K Fairhead 79/71  A Grade Gold

 NTP Island 2 K Fairhead AG P Higham BG Island 4 K Surjan AG  T Nind BG Island 8 K Surjan AG W Dolton BG Lake 3 K Surjan AG K Ashworth BG Lake5 A Godfrey AG  R Dolton BG Lake 8 K Williams AG B King BG  Long Drives Island 6  S Flottmann AG D Lee AR K Ashworth BG CG W Dolton Long Putt Lake 6 E Lavelle Best Gross K Fairhead 79 D Lee 85 B Williams 91 C Boyle 93 Wooden Spoon B King 102/85

 25 th August 2018 Stableford Final Winter Cup

1st  T Bennett 36 Pts

2nd K Surjan 35Pts 

3rd P Higham

 NTP Pine 3 K Surjan AG M Winsor BG Pine 5 K Surjan AG R Shah BG Pine7 K Surjan AG S Adamson BG Lake 3 K Surjan AG B King BG Lake5 K Surjan AG P Carway BG Lake 8 E Lavelle AG B King BG Birdies K Surjan x3 Long Drives Lake 7 K Fairhead AG J Simonetti AR R Shah BG CG N/A Long Putt Pine 6 P Higham Wooden Spoon B King 21 Pts Winter Cup Results C Boyle Def J Simonetti 2-1v


18 th August  Stablford & Semi  Finals Winter Cup

 1st W Dolton 43 Pts

 2nd R Dolton 34Pts

 3rd P Higham 33Pts

NTP Pine 3 AG J Simonetti  BG D Firstenberg Pine 7 N/A AG W Dolton BG Pine 8 N/A AG W Varis BG  Island 2 J Simonetti AG W Varis BG Island 4 R Gale AG  N/A BG  Island 8 N/A AG K Ashworth BG  Long Drives Pine 5 AG N/A AR J Simonetti BG  A Manners CG W Dolton Longest Putt Island 6  C Boyle Wooden Spoon K Ashworth 26 Pts Winter Cup Results J Simonetti BT S Gilgallon 4/3 C Boyle BT A Manners 3/2

11 th August  Par & Quarter Finals Winter Cup

 1st S Flottmann +3

 2nd R Dolton +1

 3rd D Lee SQ

NTP Island 2 AG N/A   BG S Gilgallon Island 4 K Fairhead AG P Higham BG Island 5 S Flottmann AG N/A BG  Lake 3 J Simonetti AG B King BG Lake 5 J Simonetti AG  B King BG  Lake 8 S Flottmann AG S Gilgallon BG Birdies S Flottmann x2 K Surjan Long Drives Island 6 AG K Surjan AR N/A BG N/A CG S Gilgallon Longest Putt Lake 6  J Simonetti Wooden Spoon K Surjan  Winter Cup Results A Manners 7/6 BT D Wade J Simonetti 4/3 BT P Higham C Boyle 6/5 BT K Ashworth S Gilgallon 2/1 BT W Varis


4th August Monthly Medal

 1st E Lavelle 83/72 AG Gold Kiwi Mug

 2nd M Percic 88/73 AG Silver

 3rd M Winsor 91/74   TP Nind 101/76 BG Gold

NTP Pine 3 AG C Thompson  BG M Winsor Pine 7 J Simonetti AG P Higham BG Pine 8 N/A AG N/A BG  Lake 3 D Lee AG N/A BG Lake 5 K Fairhead AG  N/A BG  Lake 8 N/A AG M Winsor BG Birdies J Simonetti K Fairhead Long Drives Lake 7 AG E Lavelle AR M Percic BG M Winsor CG T Nind Longest Putt Pine 9 I McKellar Wooden Spoon R Dolton 108/85  Best Gross E Lavelle 83 M Percic 88 M Winsor 91 TP Nind 101


28 thJuly 2018 Stableford 6 th Round Pennants

1st P Higham 41 Pts

2nd K Fairhead 38 Pts

3rd D Firstenberg 36 Pts

NTP Pine 3 AG K Surjan BG S Adamson Pine 7 J Simonetti AG W Varis BG Pine 8 K Fairhead AG M Winsor BG Island 2 K Fairhead AG N/A BG Island 4 J Simonetti AG S Chester BG Island 8 K Fairhead AG W Varis BG Birdies P Higham K Fairhead Long Drives Pine 6 AG K Fairhead AR N/A BG P Higham CG W Dolton Longest Putt Island 7 M Winsor Wooden Spoon T Carney 26 Pts  Pennants Men CPGC 0  Glen Iris 6 OH DEAR!!!!


21 st July 2018 Stableford 5th Round Pennants

1st R Dolton 35Pts

2nd B Williams 32Pts

3rd P Higham 29Pts

Due to bad weather only 3 brave souls finished Pennants Men CPGC 3.5 Defeated Freo Pirates 2.5


14 th July 2018 Stableford 4th Round Pennants

1st L King 38Pts C/B

2nd B King 38Pts

3rd W Varis 36Pts

NTP Pine 3  K Williams AG  W Varis BG  Pine 7 K Williams AG  B King BG  Pine 8  L King AG  W Varis BG Lake 3 N/A AG  N/A BG  Lake 5  S Flottmann AG  S Chester BG Lake 8  K Williams AG  T Nind BG Long Drive Pine 5 A Godfrey AG  K Williams AR  W Varis BG  D Firstenberg CG Long Putt  Lake 7  R Dolton Wooden Spoon D Avery 22Pts Pennants  Collier Park 4 Altone Park 2  Carrama 3  CPGC 1 Ladies Pennants


7 th July 2018 Monthly Medal 3rd Round Pennants

1st R Dolton 91/65

2nd D Avery 94/68

3rd K Gale 90/71

NTP Pine 3  N/A AG  R Dolton BG  Pine 7 J Simonetti AG  D Wade BG  Pine 8  E Lavelle AG  M Winsor BG Island 2  G Myers Altone AG  S Chester BG  Island 4  J Cambell Altone AG  D Wade BG Island 8  K Fairhead AG  K Ashworth BG Long Drive Pine 6 J Simonetti AG  I McKellar AR  P Higham BG  R Dolton CG Long Putt  Island 7  T Nind Wooden Spoon C Boyle 115/93 Pennants  Collier Park 5 Altone Park 1  Best Gross AG C Thompson AR K Williams BG K Gale CG R Dolton  A Godfrey 89/77 AG Gold


30 th June 2018 Stableford 2nd Round Pennants

1st S Flottmann 41Pts

2nd I McKellar 40Pts

3rd R Dolton 36 Pts

NTP Island 2 K Williams AG  K Gale BG  Island 4  S Flottman AG  N/A BG  Island 8  K Williams AG  D Wade BG Lake 3  D Kilderry AG  S Adamson BG Lake 5 C Thompson AG  K Gale BG Lake 8  S Flottmann AG  D Avery BG Long Drive Island 6 C Thompson AG  R Gale AR  D Wade BG  D Avery CG Long Putt  Lake 4 P Higham Wooden Spoon A Walker 24 Pts 25Pts Pennants  Fremantle Pirates 5.5 Bt  Collier Park .5


23 rd June 2018 Stableford 1st Round Pennants

 1st K Ashworth 40 Pts

 2nd R Dolton 40Pts C/B

 3rd L King 37 Pts

 NTP Pine 3 E Lavelle AG A Walker BG Pine 7  N/A AG B Williams BG Pine 8 S Flottmann AG P Higham BG Lake 3 G Forbes Glen Iris AG T Nind BG Lake 5 D Lee AG  P Higham BG Lake 8 L KingAG  B Willliams BG Long Drive Lake 1 S Flottmann AG  D Wade AR  A Manners BG  T Nind CG Long Putt Pine 6  L King Wooden Spoon T Nind 25Pts Pennants Collier Park  3.5  Glen Iris 2.5  Ladies Pennants  Collier Park 1.0  Carammar 2.0


23 rd June 2018 Stableford 1st Round Pennants

 1st K Ashworth 40 Pts

 2nd R Dolton 40Pts C/B

 3rd L King 37 Pts

 NTP Pine 3 E Lavelle AG A Walker BG Pine 7  N/A AG B Williams BG Pine 8 S Flottmann AG P Higham BG Lake 3 G Forbes Glen Iris AG T Nind BG Lake 5 D Lee AG  P Higham BG Lake 8 L KingAG  B Willliams BG Long Drive Lake 1 S Flottmann AG  D Wade AR  A Manners BG  T Nind CG Long Putt Pine 6  L King Wooden Spoon T Nind 25Pts Pennants Collier Park  3.5  Glen Iris 2.5  Ladies Pennants  Collier Park 1.0  Carammar 2.0  

16 th June 2018 Final Qualifying Winter Cup

 1st A Manners 89/72

 2nd E Lavelle 85/73

 3rd K Ashworth 95/73 C/B

 NTP Pine 3 P Monteath AG W Varis BG Pine 5 T Carney AG B Williams BG Pine 8 E Lavelle AG N/A BG Island 2 K Surjan AG N/A BG Island4 N/A AG R Dolton BG Island 8 E Lavelle mAG P Higham BG Long Drive Pine 4 S Adamson CG P Higham BG K Williams AR E Lavelle AG Long Putt Pine 4 K Williams Wooden Spoon J Simonetti 93/81 

9 June 2018 2 nd Winter Cup Qualifying

 1st P Higham 89/69

 2nd S Gilgallon 104/71

 3rd W Varis 92/71

 NTP Island 2 K Williams AG K ashworth BG Island 4 E Lavelle AG D Wade BG Island8 P Monteath AG J Clafton BG Iake 3 N/A AG D Wade BG Lake 5 J Simonetti AG K Ashworth BG Lake 8 K Williams AG B Williams BG Long Drive Island 3 R Mc Grath AG K Williams AR B Williams BG S Gilgallon CG Long Putt Lake 7 R Mc Grath Birdies J Simonetti K Williams J Clafton Wooden Spoon P Monteath  91/85


2nd June Monthly Medal Rd 1 Winter Cup Qualifying

 1st B Williams 88/69

 2nd M Winsor  88/71

 3rd M Percic 86/72

 NTP Pine 3 T Carney  AG M Winsor  BG Pine 8 K Surjan AG D Firstenberg BG Pine 7 E Gibbs AG M Winsor BG Lake 3 J simonetti AG K Gale BG Lake 5N/A AG D Firstenberg BG Lake 8 J Simonetti AG M Winsor BG Birdies K Surjan A Godfrey Long Drives AG N/A A/R N/A BG B Williams CG G McKay Best Gross  P Monteath 85/80 M Percic 86/72 B Williams 88/69 C Boyle 95/72 Wooden Spoon A Godfrey 99/88  Long Putt G McKay


26 May 4Th Round Club Championships Stroke

 1st D Wade 87/69

 2nd M Winsor  87/69 C/B

 3rd E Lavelle 82/70

 NTP Pine 3 E Lavelle AG K Ashworth BG Pine 7 E Lavelle AG D Wade BG Pine 8 R Mc Grath AG N/A BG Island 2 E Lavelle AG T Bennett BG Island 4 P Monteath AG D Avery BG Island 8 K Fairhead AG T Bennett BG Birdies E Lavelle x2 W Varis T Bennett x2 K fairhead Long Drives E Lavelle AG A Manners AR T Bennett BG T Nind CG Long Putt K Williams Wooden Spoon S Flottmann 102/93  Club Champion K Fairhead 251 A Grade Champ S Flottmann 252 A Reserve M Percic 263 B Grade Champ M Winsor 261 C Grade Champ D Avery 297 Well Played All


19th May 3rd Round Club Championships Stroke

 1st P Monteath 76/66

 2nd M Winsor 88/70

 3rd W Varis 93/72

 NTP Island 2 M Percic AG T Bennett BG Island4 S Flottmann AG J Clafton BG Island 8 E Davis AG K Ashworth BG Lake 3 J Simonetti AG N/A BG Lake 5I McKellar AG J Clafton BGLake 8 S Flottmann AG M Winsor BG Birdies M Percic  T Bennett P Monteath x2 M Winsor x2 Long Drives S Flottmann AG TVLuinen AR W Varis BG S Adamson CG Longest Putt M Winsor Wooden Spoon S Gilgallon 118/85 Just a Note Island 7 K Ashworth 22 Stokes Good One Ke


12 th May 2018  2nd Rd Club Championships 

 1St M Winsor 86/68

2nd E Davis 83/69

3rd M Percic 84/69 C/B

Others Under Handicap : N/A

NTP Pine 3 P Monteath AG  B Williams BG Pine 5 I MC Kellar AG B Williams BG Pine 7 E Davis AG M Winsor BG Iake 3 E Davis AG K Ashworth BG Iake 5 K Williams AG D Wade BG Iake 8 S Flottmann AG B Williams BG Long Drive AG K Fairhead AR T V Luinen BG P Higham CG R Dolton  Long Putt K Ashworth Birdies on Novelty Holes M Percic E Davis S Flottmann D Wade B Williams K Ashworth W Peppernell Wooden Spoon J Clafton 118/87


5 th May 2018 Monthly Medal 1st Rd Club Championships 

 1St K Williams 86/72

2nd T Carney 89/72

3rd K Gale 92/74

Others Under Handicap : N/A

NTP Pine 3 K Fairhead AG N/A BG Pine 5 M Percic AG N/A BG Pine 7 N/A AG R Dolton BG Island 2 N/A AG C Boyle BG Island4 E Lavelle AG M Waite BG Island 8 E Lavelle AG K Gale BG Long Drive AG S Flottmann AR R Gale BG B Williams CG W Dolton  Long Putt C Boyle  Best Gross AG S Flottmann 84/75 AR K Williams 86/72 BG T Carney 89/72 CG T Nind 105/79 Wooden Spoon S Adamson 110/84 

28 thApril 2018 Stableford Foundation Sheild

 1St K Atkins 39 Pts

2nd P Higham 37 Pts

3rd S Gilgallon 35 Pts

Others Under Handicap : N/A

NTP Island 2 A Godfrey A/G T Bennett B/G Island 4 M Percic A/G D Firstenberg B/G Island 8 K Fairhead A/G P Higham B/G Lake 3 E Davis A/G K Atkins B/G Lake 5 K Surjan A/G N/A B/G Lake 8 A Godfrey A/G MLBrun B/G  Long Drive Lake 7 J Simonetti A/G M Percic A/R P Higham B/G  S Gilgallon C/G Long Putt Island 6 W Varis Wooden Spoon C Boyle 21 Pts C/B


21st April 2018 Anzac Cup Anzacs vAliens

 1St D Wade 40Pts

2nd K Fairhead 39Pts C/B

3rd I Mc Kellar 39 Pts

Others Under Handicap : A Godfrey 37 Pts

NTP Pine 3 K Fairhead  A/G S Adamson B/G Pine 5 K Fairhead A/G N/A B/G Pine 7 K Surjan A/G B Williams B/G Iake 3 E Lavelle A/G 2 N/A A/G Lake 5 K Fairhead A/G  B Williams B/G  Iake 8 I Mc Kellar A/G D Wade B/G4  Long Drives N/A C/G D Wade B/G  A Manners A/G E Lavelle A/G  Longest Putt  Pine 6 K Surjan  Wooden Spoon  S Adamson 19 Pts  Birdies Novelty Holes A Manners K Fairhead  Anzacs 33.08 Aliens 31.00 Lest We Forget


14 th Apriil  2018 Collier Park Masters

 1St P Higham 40 Pts 

2nd T Nind 40 Pts C/B

3rd E Lavelle 38 Pts C/B

Others Under Handicap : A Godfrey 38 Pts

NTP Pine 3 J Simonetti A/G T Chester B/G Pine 5 A Godfrey A/G T Chester B/G Pine 7 W Peppernell A/G S Chester B/G Island 2 N/A A/G K Ashworth B/G  Island 4 E Lavelle A/G T Chester B/G Island 8 K Surjan A/G T Bennett B/G Birdies E Lavelle K Ashworth T Chester Long Drives S Chester C/G P Higham B/G N/A A/R N/A A/G Longest Putt P Carway  Wooden Spoon T V Luinen


7th April 2018 Monthly Medal Stroke 

 1St T Carney 81/65 A Grade Gold M/M Mug  

2nd T V Luinen 84/68 Silver Medal

3rd A Godfrey

Others Under Handicap : C Boyle 93/71

NTP Island 2 TVL  AG  D Avery BG  Island 4 TVL  AG  T Bennett BG Island 8 S Flottmann AG  R Shah  BG Lake 3 S Flottmann  AG  R Shah  BG Lake 5 N/A  AG N/A BG Lake 8 TVL AG  S Chester BG  Birdies D Avery 1 S Flottmann 2 R Shah 1 M LeBrun 1 Long Driive CG C Boyle BG T Bennett AR M Percic AG E Lavelle Long Putt  J Simonetti Best Gross K Fairhead AG 80/73  T Carney 81/65 AR T Chester 89/72 BG C Boyle 93/71 CG Wooden Spoon M Winsor 104/85


31 st March 2018 Stableford St Georges Day Trophy

 1St T Carney 39 Pts

2nd T Nind 39 Pts c/b

3rd K Fairhead 38 Pts

Others Under Handicap : J Simonetti 37 Pts E Santimano 37 Pts

NTP Pine 3 N/A AG  N/A BG Pine 5 N/A AG T Bennett BG Pine 7 E Davis AG N/A BG Lake 3  T V Luinen AG N/A BG Lake 5 E Lavelle AG P Carway BG Lake 8 N/A AG P Higham BG  Long Drive Pine 8 AG K Fairhead AR M Percic BG N/A CG D Firstenberg  Long Putt Lake 9 T Carney  Wooden Spoon With Bunny Ears T V Luinen

24th March Match Play Finals 4BBB Stableford

Match Play Final Results J Simonetti b S Flotmann 3/1 K Ashworth b B King 1up

1st A Manners & I Mackellar 44 Pts

2nd K Fairhead & M Percic 44 Pts C/B

3rd E Lavelle & T Chester 44 Pts C/B

NTP Pine 3 T V Luinen AG E Santimano BG P 5 M Percic AG T Chester BG P 7 AG N/A B King BG Is 2 J Simonetti AG T Chester BG Is 4 M Percic AG T Bennett BG Is 8 A Manners AG B King BG

Birdies T Chester M Percic Long Drives AG E Lavelle AR A Manners BG T Chester CG S Chester Longest Putt I McKellar Wooden Spoon A Godfrey & J Clafton


17 March 2018 Match Play Semi Finals & Stableford

1st E Santimano 42 Pts

2nd A Godfrey 41 Pts

3rd A Manners 36 Pts

NTP Isl 2 T V Luinen AG BG N/A Is 4 K Surjan AG R Walker BG Is 8 I McKellar AG N/A BG Lk 3 A Manners N/A BG Lk 5 A Manners N/A BG Lk 8 K Surjan  S Gilgallon BG

Birdies NTP W Peppernell K Surjan i McKellar D Avery R Shah Long Drive AG K Surjan AR B King BG N/A CG S Gilgallon Long Putt I McKellar Wooden Spoon E Davis 21 Pts  Match Play Results J Simonetti Def M Percic 2/1 K Ashworth Def P Higham 4/2


10th March 2018 Match Play

Sharon Gilgallon Def D Avery 5/3; M Percic Def A Godfrey; D OBrien Def A Manners 5/3; P Higham Def T Bennett 5/3; K Ashworth Def I Mc Kellar 7/5; S Flottmann Def G Thompson 4/2; J Simonetti Def E Lavelle 1up; B King Def B Williams 1up; D Wade Def P Carway 4/2

NTP Pn 3E Lavelle AG P Higham BG Pn 5 E Lavelle AG BG n/a PN 7 I McKellar AG BG B Williams Lk 3 AG A Godfrey BG N/A Lk 5 AG J Simonetti BG N/A Lk 8 J Simonetti AG BG K Ashworth

Long Drive AGI McKellar AR D OBrien BG P Higham CG S Gilgallon

Long Putt P Higham



3rd March 2018 Monthly Medal Dave Reynolds Memorial Trophy

1st: K Surjan 78/66
2nd: D Wade 88/67
3 rd E Davis 83/69
Wooden Spoon: D OBrien 100/86 Under Handicap B Williams
Near Pins: Pines 3 AG E Lavelle BG E Santimano P5 E Davis AG n/a BG P7 AG K Surjan BG n/a ISL 2AG K Fairhead BG D Wade ISL 4AG K Fairhead BG K Atkins ISL 8 AG K Surjan BG M Winsor
Birdies on NTP: K Surjan x2 D Wade E Lavelle A Godfrey K Fairhead
Long Drives: AG K Fairhead AR A Godfrey BG T Bennett CG K Atkins  Long Putt K Atkins  LEAST PUTTS Trophy Winner B Williams 29 Putts

24 February 2018 Stableford Don McCorkill Country Trophy at Carammar G/C

1st: E Davis 38 Pts
2nd: P Carway 38 Pts
3 rd E Lavelle 36 Pts
Wooden Spoon: T Bennett 16 Pts
Near Pins: H4 A Godfrey BG K Ashworth A Manners BG P Carway H11 E Lavelle BG S Adamson H 16 E Davis BG B Williams
Birdies on NTP: N/A
Long Drives: AG N/A AR A Manners K Ashworth BG P Carway CG

17 February 2018 Stablefod Final Summer Cup

Summer Cup Winner: Logan King b M Percic 4/2 

1st: T Nind  40 Pts
2nd: B Williams 38 Pts
3rd: A Godfrey 38Pts C/B
Others under par: C Boyle 37 Pts K Surjan 37 Pts  T Bennett 37 Pts
Wooden Spoon: E Lavelle 30 Pts
Near Pins: Pine 3 K Fairhead T Bennett Pine 5 K Fairhead T Bennett Pine 7 T V Luien D Firstenberg L 3K Surjan N/A  L5 A Godfrey C Boyle L8 K Williams T Nind
Birdies on NTP: N/A
Long Drives: AG K Surjun AR A Manners B P Higham C T Nind
Long Putt: K Williams

10 February 2018 Par Bisque & Semi Finals Summer Cup  Course: Pine/Island    
1st: S Chester +8
2nd: C Boyle +5
3rd: B Williams +4 C/B
Others under par: P Higham +4 C/B
Wooden Spoon: A Manners -5
Near Pins: P 3 A Godfrey T Chester P5 E Lavelle D Firsteberg P7 N/A  T Carney ISL 2N/A P Higham ISL4 N/A T Chester ISL8 E Lavelle T Carney
Birdies on NTP: E Lavelle D Firstenberg
Long Drives: ISL 7 A N/A A/R A Manners B/G B Williams  C/G D Firsteberg
Long Putt: PN 1 B Williams

3 February 2018 Stroke Monthly Medal & ¼ Finals Summer Cup  Course: Island/Lake
1st: K Ashworth 89/66
2nd: D OBrien 84/70
3rd: B Williams 90/70 C/B
Others under par: N/A
Wooden Spoon: P Higham Nett 83
Near Pins: Island 2 S Flotmann T Chester Isl 4M Percic T Chester Isl8 A Godfrey B Williams EAGLE Lake 3 J Simonneti K Atkins L 5 L King B Williams L8 D OBrien T Bennett
Birdies on NTP: M Percic x2 J Simonneti K Atkins A Manners B Williams EAGLE !
Long Drives: Lake 6 C Thompson M Percic M Winsor K Ashworth
Long Putt: Island 5 K Williams

27 January 2018 Stableford & Robbie Burns Day
1st: K Surjan 36 Pts
2nd: E Lavelle 36 Pts C/B
3rd: C Boyle 36 Pts C/B
Others under par: D OBrien 36 C/B  M Winsor 35
Wooden Spoon: K Fairhead 19 Pts C/B
Near Pins: Pine 3 G Macintosh  N/A P5 S Flottmann N/A P7 E Lavelle S Adamson L3 G Macintosh N/A L5 E Davis M Winsor L8 K Williams S Chester
Birdies on NTP: P Wigger
Long Drives: L6 E Lavelle T Chester T Bennett K Ashworth
Long Putt: P 4 D OBrien

20 January Stroke & Round 3 Summer Cup Qualifying
1st: Logan King Nett 67
2nd: Trevor Bennett Nett 71
3rd: Allan Walker Nett 71
NTP: P3 Mario Percic/NA; P5 Craig Thomson/Trevor Bennett; P7 Kevin Surjan/Mark Windsor
I2 Mario Percic/Terry Carney; I4 Craig Thompson/Trevor Bennett; I8 Craig Thomson/Brad Williams
Long Putt: Allan Godfrey
Long Drives: A: Logan King; A Res: Allan Godfrey; B: n/a C: Pat Wigger
Birdies NTP: Kev Fairhead, Mario Percic, Allan Walker
Wooden Spoon: Colin Boyle

13 January Stroke - Ethel Smith Memorial & 2nd Round Summer Cup Qualifying
1st Nett 67 Dave Wade (28 points on back 9!)
2nd Nett 67 Sam Flottman
3rd Nett 70 Trevor Bennett
NTP: I2 Terry Carney/Ken Ashworth; I4 Keir Williams/Stave Adamson; I8 John Simonetti/Mark Windsor
L3 Dane O'Brien/Steve Adamson; L5 Craig Thomson/Pat Wigger; L8 Mario Percic/Pat Wigger
Long Putt: Tony Manners
Birdies on NTP: John Simonetti, Trevor Bennett, Mark Windsor
Eagle: Lake 1 Sam Flottman
Long Drive: A: Logan King; A Res: Keir Williams; B: Brad Williams; C: Ellis’s Santaminao

6 January 2018 Stroke & Round 1 Summer Cup Qualifying Course:
1st: S Chester Nett 66
2nd: M Waite  Nett 68
3rd: J Simonetti  Nett69
Others under par: K Fairhead Nett 70  K Surjan Nett 70
Wooden Spoon: D Firstenberg Nett82
Near Pins: P 3 A Godfrey /  P Higham  P 5A Godfrey /N/A P 7C Thompson  M Waite L 3 J Simonetti  N/A L 5 E Lavelle B Williams L 8 M Percic  B Williams
Birdies on NTP: N/A
Long Drives: Pines 6 K Fairhead A Godfrey N/A K Ashworth
Long Putt: Lake 6 K Williams