ANZAC Cup Trophy

The ANZAC Cup is a Stableford event played on or near ANZAC day each year.
The club is split into two teams, based on country of birth to form the ANZAC’s and the Aliens.
Members have the right to defect from their team.

There is an individual winner and winning team.

1996Kym PelhamANZAC’s 1997Barry Lane Anzac’s 1998Dave Reynolds Aliens 
1999Kelvin Manvill Aliens 2000Vic WorobecAliens 2001Rob Johnson ANZAC’s
2002Terry Nind ANZAC’s2003Colin Boyle ANZAC’s2004Brad McMurrayANZAC’s
2005Tony Manners Aliens 2006John Simonetti ANZAC’s2007Dave Reynolds ANZAC’s
2008Con Pitsikas ANZAC’s2009John Simonetti ANZAC’s2010Sharon Gilgallon ANZAC’s
2011Sam Flottmann Aliens 2012Shaun Carway Aliens 2013Trevor Van Luinen ANZAC’s
2014Jim McFarlane Aliens 2015Sam FlottmannANZAC’s2016Mike LeBrunAliens 
2017Alan GodfreyAliens 2018David WadeANZAC’s2019Claire BremnerANZAC’s
2020No contest (Covid19)Virus2021Eric LavelleANZAC’s2022 Wayne VarisAliens 
2023Trevor Van LuinenAliens2024Jacob O’ReillyANZAC’S2025