President’s XI versus Captain’s XI

3 wise monkeys President's - Captain's Day

Once a year the club is divided into the President’s and Captain’s Teams.
This is was first played at The Burswood Golf Course.
Since it’s closure we have played this event on Maylands Golf Course for several years, in 2019 & 2022 the battle was held at Whaleback Golf Course.
The President’s team wear blue shirts the Captain’s in red shirts.

2010Luke GerrardCaptain’s XI24 point
2011 Bob FoxwellCaptain’s XI29 points
2012Captain’s XI 2.92 points
2013 Mark WinsorCaptain’s XI 0.82 points
2014 Steve Adamson President’s XI 0.73 Points
2015 Alan Walker President’s XI .018 points
2016 Colin BoyleCaptain’s XI 2.46 points
2017 President’s XI
2018 Keir Williams President’s XI .785 points
2019 Trevor Van LuinenCaptain’s XI
2020 Rod McGrathCaptain’s XI 0.87 points
2021 Wayne VarisCaptain’s XI 0.188 points
2022Colin BoyleCaptain’s XI2.2 points
2023Dave BurrowsCaptain’s XI1.2 points