Sands Trophy

sands perpetual trophy

The Sands Trophy is a tournament
where Collier Park G.C.
play a Stableford event against
Glen Iris Lakes G.C.
The Stableford points scores are averaged.
Dane O’Brien suggested and
produced the trophy of the two
stubbies filled with bunker sand from each course.
Tony Manners mounted these bottles on a stand.
The tournament originally alternated
between Collier Park G.C. and Glen Iris G.C.
Due to the closure of Glen Iris GC it now alternates
Collier Park G.C. & Kwinanna G.C.

2009Glen Iris Lakes3.15 points
2010Glen Iris Lakes1.75 points
2011Glen Iris Lakes3.78 points
2012Glen Iris Lakes0.78 points
2013Collier Park4.00 points
2014Glen Iris Lakes1.00 points
2015Glen Iris Lakes1.00 points
2016Collier Park0.4 points
2017Collier Park
2018Covid 19
2019Glen Iris Lakes3.58 points
2020Collier Park0.56 points
2021Glen Iris Lakes 2.9 points
2022Glen Iris Lakes6.9 points
2023Collier Park0.5 points