Winter Cup

Qualifying for the winter cup is run on the first three weeks after the pennants season The top eight members qualify for the three rounds of Match Play.
From 2024 the 2 Players who make the final will receive a free round of golf as a prize.

1986E. McNally 1987R. Charles 1988Pat Pereira 
1989David Smith 1990Bluey Smith 1991Jack Ebbs 
1992K. Norman 1993Pat Pereira 1994Shane Kahler 
1995Shane Kahler 1996George Crawford 1997Andrew Dallinger 
1998Kim Pelham 1999Peter Butler 2000Tom Meiklejohn 
2001David Wade 2002Vic Worobec 2003Terry Nind 
2004Chris Gifford 2005Greg Mackintosh 2006Alun Wyn-Jones 
2007Greg Kelly 2008Alun Wyn-Jones 2009Steve Roberts 
2010Dave Firstenberg 2011Mike Bunyan 2012Wayne Peppernell 
2013Kevin Fairhead 2014Tyson LeBrun 2015Dan Kilderry
2016Craig Thompson2017Alan Godfrey2018Colin Boyle
2019Eric Lavelle2020Derek Gibson2021Piers Higham
2022 John Simonetti2023Mark Winsor